[Pelican] Remove Prefix in PATH_METADATA Using Named Regex Group


In Pelican static website, we have the following pages under content directory.

  1. pages/index%zh-hant.rst
  2. pages/about-us%zh-hant.rst
  3. pages/talk/thai-forest-tradition%zh-hant.rst
  4. pages/talk/thanissaro/how-to-fall%zh-hant.rst

We want to extract 3 metadata: urlpath, slug, and lang from the path of the pages such that

  1. urlpath: empty string
    slug: index
    lang: zh-hant
  2. urlpath: empty string
    slug: about-us
    lang: zh-hant
  3. urlpath: talk/
    slug: thai-forest-tradition
    lang: zh-hant
  4. urlpath: talk/thanissaro/
    slug: how-to-fall
    lang: zh-hant

As you can see, the prefix pages/ are removed from urlpath


In pelicanconf.py

PATH_METADATA = 'pages/(?P<urlpath>[-a-zA-Z0-9/]*/|)(?P<slug>[-a-zA-Z0-9]*)%(?P<lang>[-_a-zA-Z]{2,7})\.rst'
PAGE_URL = '{urlpath}{slug}/'
PAGE_SAVE_AS = '{urlpath}{slug}/index.html'

Tested on: Ubuntu Linux 22.04, Python 3.10.6.


[1]Settings - Pelican 4.8.0
[2]Regex: match an empty string instead of nothing - Stack Overflow