Get Instagram Profile Picture in Full Size

[Update]: Looks like Instagram banned access to the URL of full size profile picture. This post becomes useless.

Paste URL of Instagram profile picture and get full-size URL of it. For example, you can try to paste the following URL:

The trick comes from the comment of SO question [3]. The following is the implementation of the trick in JavaScript:

function getFullSizeProfilePicUrl(picurl) {
  var fullsizeurl = picurl.replace("/vp/", "/");
  fullsizeurl = fullsizeurl.replace("t51.2885-19", "t51.2885-15");
  fullsizeurl = fullsizeurl.replace(/\/s\d+x\d+\//, "/sh0.08/e35/");
  return fullsizeurl;

I also write a Chrome extension to help you download full size picture, see [4].


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