[Bash] Process HTML Files Format in Volumn

Convert the format (Big5 encoding to UTF-8, remove DOS newline in file, replace string big5 with UTF-8, and append UNIX newline to end of file) of HTML files in directory via Bash script.


# $1 is the directory in which files to be processed
for path in $(find $1 -type f)
  echo -e "\033[92mProcessing ${path} ...\033[0m"
  # big5 to utf8
  iconv -f big5 -t utf-8 ${path} > tmp.html
  if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
    # fail to convert big5 to UTF-8
  mv tmp.html ${path}

  # remove dos newline
  tr -d '\015' <${path} > tmp.html
  mv tmp.html ${path}

  # html meta big5 to UTF-8
  sed 's/big5/UTF-8/' -i ${path}

  # append newline to end of file
  sed -i -e '$a\' ${path}


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