[Golang] Remove Last Character of UTF-8 String

Remove last character of UTF-8 string via utf8.DecodeLastRuneInString in Go. The code is modified from official example in unicode/utf8 package [2].

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import "unicode/utf8"

func RemoveLastChar(str string) string {
      for len(str) > 0 {
              _, size := utf8.DecodeLastRuneInString(str)
              return str[:len(str)-size]
      return str

If you do not want to import unicode/utf8 package, you can use for keyword to range the string to remove last character. On how to range strings, see [3] for more reference.

Tested on: Ubuntu Linux 20.04, Go 1.12.17.


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[4]implement Backspace and Enter keys in keypad · siongui/paligo@5423f84 · GitHub