[Golang] All Permutations of Given String With Distinct Characters


Given a string containing all distinct characters, find all permutations of it. [2]

PS: I came to this question via HN [1], and it looks interesting. So I try to port the code from C++ to Go.


Use Backtracking algorithm. See original post for explanation.

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package main

// Swap the i-th byte and j-th byte of the string
func swap(s string, i, j int) string {
      var result []byte
      for k := 0; k < len(s); k++ {
              if k == i {
                      result = append(result, s[j])
              } else if k == j {
                      result = append(result, s[i])
              } else {
                      result = append(result, s[k])
      return string(result)

// Function to find all Permutations of a given string str[i:n]
// containing all distinct characters
func permutations(str string, i, n int) {
      // base condition
      if i == n-1 {

      // process each character of the remaining string
      for j := i; j < n; j++ {
              // swap character at index i with current character
              str = swap(str, i, j)

              // recursion for string [i+1:n]
              permutations(str, i+1, n)

              // backtrack (restore the string to its original state)
              str = swap(str, i, j)

func main() {
      str := "ABC"
      permutations(str, 0, len(str))

Tested on: Go Playground


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