Online Conversion of Traditional and Simplified Chinese in Go/GopherJS

Go front-end programming - online service for conversion of Traditional and Simplified Chinese via GopherJS/godom/gojianfan.


This shows you the great power of GopherJS compiler. As long as the Go packages are written in Go and not involved with OS operation, you can compile almost any Go code to JavaScript and run on browser.

This online service use the following packages to provide Chinese conversion:


Go: (compiled to JavaScript by GopherJS)

The demo consists of only a few lines of code. View gopherjs directory in gojianfan repository for more details.

Tested on: Ubuntu Linux 16.10, Go 1.8, GopherJS 1.8-1.


[1]GopherJS - A compiler from Go to JavaScript (GitHub, GopherJS Playground, godoc)
[2]GitHub - siongui/godom: Make DOM manipultation in Go as similar to JavaScript as possible. (via GopherJS)
[3]GitHub - siongui/gojianfan: Traditional and Simplified Chinese Conversion in Go