[Golang] Test if a String Consists of Single Letter or Character

Test if a string consists of single character or letter in Golang.

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package main

import (

func IsConsistOfSingleCharacter(s, c string) bool {
      return strings.TrimLeft(s, c) == ""

func main() {
      fmt.Println(IsConsistOfSingleCharacter("#####", "#"))
      fmt.Println(IsConsistOfSingleCharacter("aabaa", "a"))
      fmt.Println(IsConsistOfSingleCharacter("哈哈哈哈", "哈"))
      fmt.Println(IsConsistOfSingleCharacter("哈哈嘻哈哈", "哈"))

Tested on: Ubuntu Linux 16.10, Go 1.7.4 & Go Playground.


[1]func TrimLeft - strings - The Go Programming Language