Embed Read-Only Files in Go Code

The motivation is to embed data files of succinct trie in Go code and compiled to JavaScript via GopherJS. But the method here can not only used in frontend, but also in local Go program. There are many third-party Go packages that can help you to do the same thing, some of them can even let you write content to the files. But they are too complicated for me. I just need a simple package which embed files in Go code, and read the files only (no need to write files). So I write this simple tool goef [1] to help me.

The features are:

  • Files are read-only.
  • Used in front-end code via GopherJS, or local Go program.
  • Can be included in your Go package, or put in a separate package.

The idea of goef is simple. Encode the content of the files in Base64 format and put the (name, content) of the files in the (key, value) of Go built-in map structure. Then implement a ReadFile method which has the same usage as ioutil.ReadFile in Go standard library.

For usage details, please visit GitHub repo.

Tested on: Ubuntu Linux 17.10, Go 1.10.2.


[1]GitHub - siongui/goef: Embed file in your Go code