Uploaded Name of Photos/Videos of gphotosuploader

I tried gphotosuploader today and found it works great, except one small problem. When I uploaded files, for example,


When I check the photo in the online Google Photos, I found the name of the photo is not test.jpg. It is /home/myusername/test.jpg instead. This is not what I expected, because the uploaded filenames via online web interface does not include full path. So I traced the code and found that it is easy to fix this problem (for me).

In api/upload.go

+     "path"

@@ -47,7 +48,7 @@ func NewUploadOptionsFromFile(file *os.File) (*UploadOptions, error) {
              Stream:   file,
              FileSize: info.Size(),

-             Name:      file.Name(),
+             Name:      path.Base(file.Name()),
              Timestamp: info.ModTime().Unix() * 1000,
      }, nil

The modification is made in the fork of original repo, i.e., github.com/siongui/gphotosuploader. I commit the change and use the following command to build the package to see if my commit works:

$ go get -u github.com/siongui/gphotosuploader

After build finished, I run the tool and found nothing changed. The file name still included full path. I looked at the code again and found that some of the source files include the packages of sub-directories of original repo:


So I modified the name to my forked repo and re-build my forked package:

$ go build -a github.com/siongui/gphotosuploader

Finally everything worked as expected.

Tested on: Ubuntu Linux 17.10, Go 1.10.1


[1]GitHub - simonedegiacomi/gphotosuploader: Unofficial Google Photos uploader and Go library