Detect Browser Language Preference in Go

To build a multilingual website, it is important to know language preferences of users. There are two ways for frontend programmers to detect browser language preference:

  • Via NavigatorLanguage API: This API contains properties (language and languages) to indicate the preferred language of the browser user. This post will mainly focus on how to use this API.
  • Via Accept-Language header in HTTP request: There is no way to directly access this header in your code. You can, however, run a server which returns the headers to client browser via JSONP. See [3] for more details.

Access NavigatorLanguage API

navigator.language returns the preferred language of the user, while navigator.languages returns languages known to the user.



The return value of navigator.language is string, and the return value of navigator.languages is an array.


The above code in Go/GopherJS is as follows:

import (


Run Code on GopherJS Playground

Note that the return value of both are strings because of the constraint of GopherJS compiler.

GopherJS + godom

To make your code more readable, we can prettify the above code with godom:

import (
      . ""


The full code example of this post is on my GitHub.


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[3][Golang] Access HTTP Request Header (Accept-Language) by JSONP