[Golang] Check If Item in Slice or Array


How to check if an item is in a slice or array in Go?


There are many methods to do this [1]. My approach is to create a map [2] type and save the items of slice/array in the map, and then check if the item is in the map or not.

The following is an example of above approach.

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package main

import (

func main() {
      // initialize a slice of int
      slice := []int{2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13}

      // save the items of slice in map
      m := make(map[int]bool)
      for i := 0; i < len(slice); i++ {
              m[slice[i]] = true

      // check if 5 is in slice by checking map
      if _, ok := m[5]; ok {
              fmt.Println("5 is in slice")
      } else {
              fmt.Println("5 is not in slice")

      // check if 6 is in slice by checking map
      if _, ok := m[6]; ok {
              fmt.Println("6 is in slice")
      } else {
              fmt.Println("6 is not in slice")

To see real-world application, see reference [3]. The prime numbers are returned in a slice. Then the prime numbers are saved in the map, and we can check if a number is prime or not by checking if the number is in the map.

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[2]Go maps in action - The Go Blog
[3][Golang] Goldbach's conjecture
[4]📣 [Data Structures with Go]: Data Structures and Algorithms Example: Array, Binary Tree, Linked List, Sort (Quick, Merge), Stack, Queue (my Midterm & Final study notes for Data Structure course) (Feel Free to Contribute) : golang