[GopherJS] WebSocket Client Example With Echo Server

Simple example of a WebSocket client via GopherJS and Golang. Connect and send a message to the WebSocket server that echos everything from clients.

The WebSocket echo server is provided by websocket.org and the address is wss://echo.websocket.org.

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package main

import (


func main() {
      ws := js.Global.Get("WebSocket").New("wss://echo.websocket.org")

      ws.Call("addEventListener", "open", func(e *js.Object) {
              fmt.Println("Connection open ...")
              ws.Call("send", "Hello WebSockets!")

      ws.Call("addEventListener", "message", func(e *js.Object) {
              fmt.Println("Received Message: " + e.Get("data").String())

      ws.Call("addEventListener", "close", func(e *js.Object) {
              fmt.Println("Connection closed.")

Console output:

Connection open ...
Received Message: Hello WebSockets!
Connection closed.


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