[Golang] Type Conversion between String and Integer

Example of Go type conversion (type casting) between string and integer (int64).


Assume we have the following variable of type string:

intNum := "100"

We will multiply the intNum by 2, convert the result back to string.


The following code convert string to int64, multiply the number by 2, and then convert the result from int64 back to string.

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package main

import (

func main() {
      intNum := "100"

      // convert string to int
      n, err := strconv.ParseInt(intNum, 10, 0)
      if err != nil {

      // convert int to string
      result := strconv.FormatInt(n*2, 10)

      fmt.Println("result: ", result)


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[4]func FormatInt - strconv - The Go Programming Language