[Pelican] Get Partial Pages or Articles in Theme

Inspired by the answer to re-order pages in [1], this post shows how to get partial pages or articles with specific metadata by Jinja2 built-in selectattr in the theme.

Illustrate by example, assume we want to get pages of which order is 2 in index.html in theme:

(metadata order is 2 in reStructuredText):

:order: 2

(metadata order is 2 in Markdown):

Order: 2

You can select by Jinja2 built-in selectattr filter in index.html in theme as follows:

{% for page in pages|selectattr("order", "equalto", "2") %}
  <div>Title: {{ page.title }}</div>
{% endfor %}

Tested on: Ubuntu Linux 16.10, Python 2.7.12+, Pelican 3.7.0.



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